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Countess Bashory played with our Brats team until May, when she turned 19. Now she's a Rated PG Rollergirl AND the new coach for the Brats.

Welcome to the team!


Sk8fest was a great success!! We had girls come from Enderby, Edmonton, Williams Lake, Terrace, Armstrong, Fort St John to join with the Prince George girls to play some awesome derby. Teams were formed in the morning and after only 2 hours of skating together they prepared for some Black versus White action.

Black took an early lead in the first period, and managed to hold that 20 point margin for the entire first period. White was not ready to back down and came into the 2nd half hard! With amazing defense, and awesom jamming skills, the White team managed to close the gap, pull ahead, and managed to beat the Black team 181 to 165.

The Rated PG Rollergirls would like to thank all of the skaters who came to play with us, all of the volunteers who helped the bout run smoothly, awesome officials from near and far.

Stay tuned for more derby action in Prince George.

The next event on our calendar is a road trip to Edmonton for the Rated PG Rollergirls to take on Oil City!!

Calling all artists

We are holding a logo contest to help find the perfect logo for our league. Entries need to be submitted by October 15th. Please send your entry to . You can check out all submissions on our facebook page...let us know which ones you like best!

More interleague slayings!!

OK - this post is a little behind....but for those of you that hadn't heard, the RPGRG took on the Lake City Derby Girls (Williams Lake) in mid august, and (of course) totally kicked their asses, 172 to 117. Guest officials from Edmonton apparently were on the verge of crapping their pants when Sistah Viberosis skated onto the track with a running chainsaw! They were also impressed by our mad skills on the track and we have games against Edmonton (both home and away) in the works for the 2010/2011 season.

First Inter-League Bout A Success!!

The RPGRGs first ever inter-league bout against the Okanagan Peach Tarts last Saturday (April 17) went extremely well. The final score was 260 to 63 for RPGRGs. Although there was a big spread in the score, the Peach Tarts did amazingly well considering it was their second bout ever; they played with extreme heart and effort. We look forward to playing them again in the future, perhaps on their own turf. This bout also saw the debut of the PG Derby Brats - which the crowd loved.
Bout turnout was great; ~ 460 tickets were sold.
A huge thanks to all of the rollergirls for skating your asses off - all that training and practice shows! Also big thanks to the officials for keeping everyone in line. And last but not least, thank to all the volunteers; security, door people, bartenders, DJ, scorekeeper, and our ever-so-entertaining announcers; we couldn't do it without you guys!
Stay tuned for photos - and updates about future events!

April 17 BOUT!!! Rated PG RollerGirls take on the Okanagan Peach Tarts!!

Our leagues FIRST EVER inter-league bout!!
This Saturday, April 17 @ the Roll A Dome (2588 recreation pl., Prince George)
Doors @ 7, Bout @ 8
Featuring the Derby Brats @ Half Time,
All Ages event on the floor, with upstairs bar for those 19+
Suicide seating will be limited to those 14 and older
Tickets available at Books and Co, Handsome Cabin Boy Tattoo, and at the door (but we sold out last time, so don't be disappointed!)

Be there or be square

Bout a Huge Success!!

Last night the RPGRG hosted their first exhibition bout of the season, @ the Roll-A-Dome. 440 + fans were in attendance to enjoy the amazing show of athleticism put forth by both the Yellow Head Cases and the Hart Breakers. After a neck-in-neck game, the Yellow Head Cases won by a narrow lead.
Kudo's to all the volunteers, players, and our sponsors for all their efforts in making this event a huge success.
Pictures courtesy of Stovel imaging.

Exhibition Bout February 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our first Bout of the season is fast approaching!!!
It will be the YellowHead Cases vs. the Hart Breakers.....a night of booty blockin', skate jammin, skull knockin' action.
Held at the PG Rolladome (at the corner of Yellowhead hiway 16 and Hart highway 97)
Saturday Feb. 27, 2010
Doors at 7, first jam at 8
Tickets $10, $8 for RPGRGS members; available @ Books & Co, Hansome Cabin Boy Tattoo, or from your favorite RollerGirl.
All ages event; For those of age of majority, bring your ID in case you feel thirsty.