Fresh Meat!!!

Calling all Fresh Meat! Our 10-week Fresh Meat course will begin Monday, September 29 and will run each Monday from 6-8pm at the Roll-a-Dome! Bring a helmet of any kind, a mouth guard, and runners for warm-up. We have some extra gear and skates will be provided by the Dome. Cost is $130 and includes Fresh Meat insurance. The course will wrap up on December 8 with a skills test that all Rollergirls take annually.

Be sure to check out our Fresh Meat tab above for more info and come to our free Try-It Night on Monday, September 22 from 6-8pm!

Try-it Night!

When I first saw Rated PG play in 2013 I immediately thought to myself, "I want to do that! How can I do that?! I wonder if I could actually do that...?" As it turns out, I can totally do that, and you can too!

If you've every caught yourself wondering the same thing but weren't sure really what Roller Derby would have in store for you, you're in luck! We are hosting a FREE Try-It Night! Come down to the Prince George Roll-A-Dome on September 22 from 6pm-8pm. Bring a helmet of any kind, strap on a pair of Roll-A-Dome vintage skates (or bring your own quad skates if you have them), and learn a few skating basics with the Roller Girls! We will answer any questions you might have about derby and will probably all geek-out a little over how much we love this sport and how much we love sharing it with others!

Our 10-week Fresh Meat Program will be every Monday starting on September 29, so stay tuned for more info!

Without further ado, join the Facebook event, invite your friends, and drop on by! See you on the track!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Rated PG was recently nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Vista Radio's News Director Jonathon Brown. What else could we do but empty our pockets, gear up, and head to the Dome?! And of course, to pay the nomination forward to our friends and fellow northern derby team, Gold Pain City!

Thanks for watching and don't forget to donate to or

Prince George Summerfest, 2014

Sunday, August 17th proved to be a gorgeous day in Prince George and a perfect on for Summerfest! It was hot, crowded, and oh so much fun! Delicious local food, musicians, magicians, and more, including your very own Rated PG Rollergirls!

If you missed our demonstration on the dos and don'ts of Roller Derby, don't worry! We will be having a Try-It night coming up on September 22. Strap on a pair of skates at the Roll-a-Dome and see what you think! Rated PG will be there to help you with skating, answer any questions about the sport and our teams, and show you what roller derby is really about! We will have information about the upcoming Fresh Meat program (not as scary as it sounds) that will help you learn the skills you need to play derby!

We also have all new merch that will be available throughout our 2015 season. Get yourself some orange and grey, rest up those vocal chords, and get ready to cheer on Rated PG next season!

And of course, Nanguz the fox was walking around! How could we not grab a photo?!


To top off our amazing day in downtown Prince George, we even had a private mini magic show!

Orange Team Wins Against Grande Prairie in Final Bout of the Season!

Rated PG's Orange Team headed up and over to Grande Prairie for our their last bout of the 2014 season on June 28, and what a bout it was! Thanks to Grande Prairie's Rage 'N' Fyre for being such amazing hosts and putting on an amazing bout and after party! Thanks to Coach Lime for coming up to help us and to Coach Loki for all the hard work and time you've put in this season. We couldn't have done it without you! Thanks to the referees who travelled with us from Prince George and to those from Grande Prairie for making this game happen! And a special thanks to Jamie Blackwell for filming and livestreaming the game so families, friends, and teammates back home could watch! Here are some screenshots of the action!

After two exhausting halves, Rated PG came out on top with a score of 254 - 133! Congratulations to both teams for awesome seasons! We will definitely be nursing a few new bruises from this bout.

And a final congratulations to Rated PG's Derby Deeds and Rage 'N' Fyre's Blondie Bruiser for taking home the MVP prizes! You rock!

And, of course, the night was not over yet! Rage 'N' Fyre not only hosted a pizza party as soon as the game was done, we all headed out to the Crown and Anchor Pub to celebrate! Ruthless Red absolutely won the after party by selling the rest of our Rated PG merch to the bar's patrons! Orange everywhere!

Thanks to all the Rated PG fans, friends, and families for the support you have shown this season! We may not be bouting for a couple of months, but we will be around!

If the screenshots of the bout weren't enough to satisfy your derby needs, the whole bout has been uploaded to youtube! Check it out here!

Grey Team Wins Against TCDD Wreckers!

Rated PG's Grey Team travelled to Kamloops this past weekend to play in a double header at MacArthur Island Park! After spending the day exploring the beautiful Riverside Park, we geared up and got ready to play!


The first bout of the double header between Kamloops' Deadlies and Vancouver's Riot Cats (a mixed team of The Riot Girls and The Faster Pussycats) was a sight to see! There were many rookies on the mixed team and they played their hearts out with a high scoring final jam for the Riot Cats, the Deadlies killed it with a final score of 278-89!

Up next came the Rated PG Grey Team and Kamloops' Wreckers! Both teams had tough walls, fast jammers, and hard hitters! It was great to see some friendly faces and bright orange in the crowd! Thanks to the families and Orange Team members who came out in support (and to Mother Tucker for all the pictures)! After 2 halves that seemed to go by in a heartbeat, Rated PG came out on top with score of 225 to 106!

As anyone who has ever attended a derby bout knows, that final whistle does not mean the fun is over! The after party at the upstairs lounge of the arena was bumping! It's amazing how 90s tunes can get any one on the dance floor! In true Prince George fashion, Rated PG closed the place down!

 Thanks again to the Tournament City Derby Dolls for being such fantastic hosts!